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3rd-Jun-2009 11:15 pm - Bowing Out
Natalie (half-smile)
I know I haven't been as active as I could have been, and for that I apologize. With that in mind, it's time I make some kind of official announcement concerning never_a_game.

First, Natalie and Lance were always supporting characters. I never really meant for them to be anything more than that. I have tried to find their individual voices, but haven't had much success. Second, through the interactions Quinn has had because of RP, I feel her life just hasn't been a good fit for the plot running in the community. Thirdly, I just need to recharge. My mind is a never-ending merry-go-round and I just need to get off of it for awhile.

As it stands for the moment, I will be paring my activity down to RP-ing to Quinn and only one or two others as they "speak up." This has really been months in the making, and isn't a snap decision. I know I've dropped threads and this move will probably disappoint, but it's really time for me to exit gracefully stage right.

So, to borrow something from Douglas Adams, "so long and thanks for all the fish."
22nd-May-2009 02:16 pm - Anyone want to RP?
stella curious
I didn't know if I should just jump in or not.  I have a lot of muses and threads, but I thought I would come here, check things out.

17th-Sep-2008 05:30 am - Heya :-)
radek b&w
I've been offline for days because of net difficulties. I'm back now. Radek's replied to Jeremy's initial post.

See you soon!
24th-May-2008 12:51 am - Introduction: Kate Flanigan
Pup Name: Kate Flanigan

Journal Name: kate_flanigan

Original Character or Canon?: OC

Mun AIM: piersonagain

Pup Info

Immortal or Mortal?: Mortal.

Birthdate/Age: May 22, 1978--30 years old

Appearance: Kate is 5'5”, 120 lbs, long brown hair with red and gold highlights, and clear green eyes.

Marital/Family Status: Single

Orientation: Heterosexual, but open to new ideas.

Place Of Origin: Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Current Place/City of Residence: Bremerston

Occupation: Co-owner of The Well-Fed Head, a bookstore that sells both new and used books.

Strengths: Cheerful, adaptable, friendly and smart, with an optimistic, sunny outlook on life.

Weaknesses: Because she can so clearly see both sides of an argument, it's sometimes difficult for her to take a decisive stand. She's very much a go-with-the-flow person, likes to keep things loose and open, because she doesn't like to be pinned down to specific duties at specific times. She'll give you her opinion frankly, but won't try to dictate how you should think or live your life. Conversely, she doesn't intend to let you tell her how she should think or live her life.

Associations: None, at the moment.

Backstory: Born in Asheville North Carolina in 1978, Kate is the oldest of five children, part of a loud, boisterous, noisy, loving family. Ran track in high school, graduated as valedictorian. Moved to Bremerston to attend the university. Met up with Sofia Marchand on the first day of college, and they became best friends. Graduated cum laude, and worked in the main library and at The Mudhouse, a popular coffeeshop near the university campus, before working at the museum as a docent. She and Sofia decided to open a bookstore they called The Well-Fed Head, selling both new and used books, located in an old refurbished mercantile store. They opened five years ago. It was rough for the first year, then slowly business picked up as other businesses moved into the older area, which began an economic upswing. Every Wednesday, Kate holds a reading circle in one of the back rooms, and it's usually lively. Kate's had one serious relationship, just after college, and has had a handful of short-lived others just for fun. She's not had a relationship for nearly a year and a half, and while she'd like to meet someone, there's no rush--she knows it will happen when it happens. She lives in an apartment above the bookstore.
23rd-May-2008 03:51 pm - Introduction: Natalie Bruenner
sepia-ish smirk
Pup Name: Natalie Ann Bruenner

Journal Name: jurisimmortalis

Original Character or Canon?: OC

RP Mun AIM: takemeasiam1977

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Newly Immortal

Birthdate/Age: early 1971

Appearance: Lanky, brown hair/eyes, medium-tone skin

Marital/Family Status: Single

Orientation: Het

Place Of Origin: West Texas, USA

Current Place/City of Residence: Quantico, VA

Occupation(s): FBI Agent, Missing Persons Squad

Strengths: Tough, smart, knows her way around computers & law enforcement

Weaknesses: Doesn't want to admit any, but enjoys being pampered.

Associations: her_champion witnessed her first death, broadsword_babe will be her first teacher

Natalie was adopted in 1972 by John & Trudy Bruenner after having lived with them for nearly a year and a half. They had decided to become foster parents in order to receive grants from the Federal government, but they fell in love with Natalie and decided to adopt her formally. After their deaths in a freak highway accident, she moved in with her godfather, AJ Hauldren (currently Chief of Police in Bremmerston). He got her interested in police and detective work and after high school, Natalie applied to the FBI training program where she excelled and was later hired by the Bureau. She has worked on many missing persons cases, but the investigation involving Sarah Knightly took too much out of her and she decided to leave the FBI.

Natalie will soon leave for Tuscany with Lance, and later travel to Orkney where she will meet up with Quinn to begin training for the next year or so. All future!verse entries will be kept strictly to Natalie's journal as not to interfere with any plots currently running in never_a_game.

Mun Info (optional)
Journal: takmeasi_am
E-Mail: takemeasiam77 [at] gmail [dot] com
23rd-May-2008 03:18 pm - Teh Massive Fic of Doom™
Russell (smirk)
It's been nearly a month since I started writing the Perps & Pervs fic. It started out as a response to a prompt in writers_muses and quickly exploded from there to involve yet another Immortal!muse, jurisimmortalis.

I know I've been lax in RPing with the characters I have, but that will change. Saturday (tomorrow) I will be posting an open RP thread as a way to celebrate the closing of a tough case, Natalie's new Immortality, and my sanity (such as it is). It will take place in a local park so that any other characters who wander by are welcome to introduce themselves. There will be food (barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, chips, dip, drinks, etc), music, and merriment. Chief AJ Hauldren will also be there celebrating as well as keeping the peace.
20th-May-2008 01:56 pm - Intro: Lance Arturo
Russell (smirk)
Pup Name:
Current Alias: Detective Lance Arturo
Given Name: Titus Quintus Ferris

Journal Name:

Original Character or Canon?:

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?:

28AD (nearly 2,000 years old)

6'3" - 6'4"
260 - 270 lbs
Sandy brown hair
Blue eyes
Faded S P Q R tattoo on left arm below shoulder

Marital/Family Status:


Place Of Origin:
Tuscany, Italy

Current Place/City of Residence:
Bremerston, USA

Detective, Bremerston PD

Physically imposing
Easy-going, for the most part

Sometimes takes the motto "To Serve and Protect" a little too seriously
Hard-headed & stubborn

Sworn protector of broadsword_babe
First Teacher to noblewarrior
Witnessed First Death of jurisimmortalis

Titus Quintus Ferris was raised in the Roman Empire just before it started declining. He has served in different Legions during the days of the Empire. He has also been a Knight of the Round Table, one of the Templars, and has served in other conflicts/wars. The last time he served in any military capacity was during the Korean War. Since then, he has been mainly involved in law enforcement.

From time to time, Titus will return to Tuscany where he still maintains an olive grove and estate similar to the one he grew up on.

His full history can be found here.

Mun Info (optional)
Journal: takemeasi_am
E-Mail: takemeasiam77 [at] gmail [dot] com
18th-May-2008 09:44 pm - Intro - Connor MacLeod
Pup Name: Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod
Journal Name: immortal_connor
Original Character or Canon?: Cannon
RP AIM: striderramses

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Immortal
Birthdate/Age: Born 1518, 490 years old
Appearance: A man of average height and build, with dirty blond hair and light brown eyes. His direct gaze can sometimes be disconcerting.
Marital/Family Status: Single, married to mortal Heather MacDonald from 1539 until her death.
Orientation: Straight
Place Of Origin: Glenfinnan, Scotland
Current Place/City of Residence: Bremerston
Occupation(s): Currently a dealer in fine antiquities.
Strengths: Connor is clever and resourceful, and a skilled swordsman. He is loyal to his friends and will do anything for them.
Weaknesses: Connor can be blunt to the point of rudeness and doesn't suffer fools. He can also be stubborn and obstinate.

Backstory: Note: Canon backstory taken from wikipedia entry.

Connor MacLeod was born in 1518 in Glenfinnan, Scotland near the shores of Loch Shiel. During a battle between the Clan MacLeod and the Clan Fraser in 1536, he faced an evil Immortal referred to as The Kurgan, and was dealt what should have been a fatal blow. When Connor did not die, the townspeople (including his family) believed his recovery was the work of witchcraft, and threatened to burn him at the stake. Connor's kinsman, and clan chieftain, Angus MacLeod, instead demanded that he only be banished. Connor wandered around the land until he met Heather MacDonald, the daughter of a blacksmith. The two fell in love, and married in 1539. In 1541, he met an Immortal named Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, who became Connor's mentor and taught him the ways of Immortals, and of "The Game."

Ramírez taught Connor the overriding rule of the Immortals: There can be only one. Connor, Ramírez, and others like them were destined to fight each other until only one was left. By beheading another Immortal, the winner would gain the fallen Immortal's strength, and the last alive would have the power of every Immortal that ever existed, a mysterious power beyond comprehension known as "The Prize." One night, the Kurgan, while Connor was absent, found his home, killed Ramírez, and raped Heather. Decades passed, and Heather finally died of old age. It was at this point that Connor left Scotland to explore the world. Connor MacLeod led many different lives under a variety of aliases, constantly keeping his immortality a secret. In 1985, MacLeod found himself living in New York in the guise of Russell Nash, an antiques dealer. At that time, believing that the Gathering was taking place, Connor faced his nemesis the Kurgan and defeated him. The Kurgan's Quickening was so powerful that Connor thought for a short time that he'd won the prize.

Connor has been involved in an off and on relationship with Cassandra voiceofthewoods since they met in Venice in 1641. While not 'in love' the two enjoy each other's company a great deal and generally meet up every few decades, keeping in touch through letters and other means of communication over the years when they were apart.
18th-May-2008 08:06 am - Intro- Ethan
hands around neck
Pup Name: Bearclaw/Ethan Miller - currently Dr. Ethan Cooper (PHD)
Journal Name: noblewarrior
Original Character or Canon?: OC
RP AIM: striderramses

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Immortal
Birthdate/Age: Born 1620, approx 388 years old.
Appearance: Tall (6'2") and powerfully built. Appears to be in his mid 20's, but with a little bit of work can appear from teens to 30's.
Marital/Family Status: Single, had Powhatan wife who died shortly after his first death.
Orientation: Straight
Place Of Origin: Colony of Virginia
Current Place/City of Residence: Bremerston
Occupation(s): Currently Professor of History, Bremerston University.

Strengths:Intelligent and inquisitive, always looking to learn something new.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Has grudge against Virginians for the destruction of his adopted people.

Born 1620 in the English settlement of Hericopolis Virgina. After the town was wiped out by Indians belonging to the Powhatan Confederacy in 1622 he was adopted by members of the tribe and grew up among them. His first death came in 1644 during another war between the Powhatans and white settlers.

Ethan did not know what he was until encountering Titus Quintus Ferris (Lance) in 1697 in then Charles Town, Carolina. The elder immortal took Ethan under his wing as a student and taught him how to use the sword and the rules immortals live by. To this day the two remain good friends.

Known Timeline:
1620-1622 Child in English settlement of Hericopolis, Virginia
1622-1644 Adopted by Powhatan native American tribe and lived with them until his first death in a raid against the English
1645-1697 Frontiersman living among both native and European groups.
1697-1700 Student to Titus Quintus Ferris
1700-1860 - ??
1861-1865 - Served as Cavalry Officer in Union Army during U.S. Civil War. His regiment was part of the Army of the Tennessee, which fought under both Grant and Sherman in the western theatre and was taken east under Sherman for the final year of the war.
1865-1939 - ??
1939-1945 - Joined US Marines and served as naval avaiator. Saw combat in the Pacific Theatre and was part of the 'Cactus Air Force' during the Guadalcanal campaign.
1945-1960 - ??
1958-1964 - David Martin, US Army Special Forces. Saw combat in Vietnam before recruitment by the CIA.
1964-1969 David Martin, Clandestine Service Officer with CIA. Identity lost when he was 'killed' on the West/East German Border.
1969-2003 - ??
2003- current - Ethan Cooper, college student and then history professor. Masters and PHD from University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Mun Info (optional) Tim
Journal: none
E-Mail: tmhelbing at yahoo dot com
16th-May-2008 07:27 pm - Intro - Trent
OOC - chibi
Pup Name: Trent Agnew
Journal Name: hidden_son
Original Character or Canon?: OC
RP AIM: musesmun

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Pre-immie currently
Birthdate/Age: 23
Appearance: Fit but not muscular, tanned from Californian beachside lifestyle
Marital/Family Status: Single
Orientation: Still to discover! So far straight.
Place Of Origin: Arizona
Current Place/City of Residence: Bremerston, recently LA
Occupation(s): System analyst and designer for Cassandra voiceofthewoods
Strengths: Enthusiastic, top of his year in hacking system analyst and software design, loves his sister, willing to try anything new that interests him.
Weaknesses: Over-confident, believes as most youth do that he's bullet-proof, nudges the limits especially in racing.
Associations: Has know Cassandra for about 6 years, done some work for her on her computer network, been put through college by her. Has no idea what she is.
Trent has just moved to Bremerston from LA. He's been mentored by Cassandra who met him when he was bussing tables in LA. His parents were killed in a car accident and his older sister (Cynthia) and he moved to LA when she was offered a job as a history teacher. This is where Cassandra met him and sensed his pre-immortality. Through her encouragement and financial support he went to college and university. Once he'd graduated he was tossing up whether to get into race car driving full-time, having taken it up when he was still studying. Cassandra had a fit when she heard what he was doing, but didn't stop him once he was old enough to gain his racing permit, just told him not to tell her when he was racing.

Once he graduated he started to look for work, Cassandra still away with Connor in the South Pacific, then Scotland. When she returned she offered him a job with her fulltime, in Bremerston, where she was moving to. She wanted him to set up a new computer base there where she could research information and this matched his thesis project.

Mun Info (optional)
E-Mail: musesmail [at] gmail [dot] com
11th-May-2008 05:46 am - Intro post
radek b&w
Hi, I'm Pierson, and I'll be playing Radek Janovsky.

Pup Name: Radek Janovsky
Journal Name: radek_janovsky
Original Character or Canon?: original
RP AIM: piersonagain

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Immortal
Birthdate/Age: He's 633 years old, and died when he was burned at the stake for heresy.
Appearance: Short and slim, appears to be in his early forties.
Marital/Family Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Place Of Origin: Bohemia--the current Czech Republic
Current Place/City of Residence: Bremerston
Occupation(s): Currently, Professor of Linguistics, Bremerston University (will start in the fall). Also does translation work in the public and private sector.
Strengths: Radek is strong willed and has strong convictions, but as he's driven to seek truth above all things, he's usually honest enough to change his opinion if new evidence can persuade him he's mistaken. He may not make friends quickly, but he's fiercely loyal to those he has. Physically he's not imposing, but in a fight he makes up for it with speed and the ability to think around and through it, exploiting any weakness he can find.
Weaknesses: Because of how he first died and how agonizingly long it took to recover from it even as an Immortal, he's very fearful of fire and still has nightmares occasionally about it. He has high ideals and expectations which cause him to demand more of others than they might think reasonable, though Radek doesn't ask for what he's not willing to give himself. If he's deceived, his anger is cold and terrible, and he doesn't forgive.

Mun Info: pierson
Journal: pierson
E-Mail: pierson38 @ gmail.com
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