Natalie Ann Bruenner (jurisimmortalis) wrote in never_a_gameooc,
Natalie Ann Bruenner

Introduction: Natalie Bruenner

Pup Name: Natalie Ann Bruenner

Journal Name: jurisimmortalis

Original Character or Canon?: OC

RP Mun AIM: takemeasiam1977

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Newly Immortal

Birthdate/Age: early 1971

Appearance: Lanky, brown hair/eyes, medium-tone skin

Marital/Family Status: Single

Orientation: Het

Place Of Origin: West Texas, USA

Current Place/City of Residence: Quantico, VA

Occupation(s): FBI Agent, Missing Persons Squad

Strengths: Tough, smart, knows her way around computers & law enforcement

Weaknesses: Doesn't want to admit any, but enjoys being pampered.

Associations: her_champion witnessed her first death, broadsword_babe will be her first teacher

Natalie was adopted in 1972 by John & Trudy Bruenner after having lived with them for nearly a year and a half. They had decided to become foster parents in order to receive grants from the Federal government, but they fell in love with Natalie and decided to adopt her formally. After their deaths in a freak highway accident, she moved in with her godfather, AJ Hauldren (currently Chief of Police in Bremmerston). He got her interested in police and detective work and after high school, Natalie applied to the FBI training program where she excelled and was later hired by the Bureau. She has worked on many missing persons cases, but the investigation involving Sarah Knightly took too much out of her and she decided to leave the FBI.

Natalie will soon leave for Tuscany with Lance, and later travel to Orkney where she will meet up with Quinn to begin training for the next year or so. All future!verse entries will be kept strictly to Natalie's journal as not to interfere with any plots currently running in never_a_game.

Mun Info (optional)
Journal: takmeasi_am
E-Mail: takemeasiam77 [at] gmail [dot] com
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