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Intro post

Hi, I'm Pierson, and I'll be playing Radek Janovsky.

Pup Name: Radek Janovsky
Journal Name: radek_janovsky
Original Character or Canon?: original
RP AIM: piersonagain

Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Immortal
Birthdate/Age: He's 633 years old, and died when he was burned at the stake for heresy.
Appearance: Short and slim, appears to be in his early forties.
Marital/Family Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Place Of Origin: Bohemia--the current Czech Republic
Current Place/City of Residence: Bremerston
Occupation(s): Currently, Professor of Linguistics, Bremerston University (will start in the fall). Also does translation work in the public and private sector.
Strengths: Radek is strong willed and has strong convictions, but as he's driven to seek truth above all things, he's usually honest enough to change his opinion if new evidence can persuade him he's mistaken. He may not make friends quickly, but he's fiercely loyal to those he has. Physically he's not imposing, but in a fight he makes up for it with speed and the ability to think around and through it, exploiting any weakness he can find.
Weaknesses: Because of how he first died and how agonizingly long it took to recover from it even as an Immortal, he's very fearful of fire and still has nightmares occasionally about it. He has high ideals and expectations which cause him to demand more of others than they might think reasonable, though Radek doesn't ask for what he's not willing to give himself. If he's deceived, his anger is cold and terrible, and he doesn't forgive.

Mun Info: pierson
Journal: pierson
E-Mail: pierson38 @ gmail.com
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